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DevSecOps Days 2023 : Implementing Quantum- Resistant Cryptography in Industry

DevSecOps Day 2023 Pittsburgh (Virtual) Thursday, May 11 | 1:45pm (Hora Colombia)

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Quantum computing is advancing quickly. The number of qubits in a quantum computer is increasing to make them more powerful and better algorithms are being created. Quantum computing became a real threat to cybersecurity because it can break traditional cryptosystems. If encrypted sensitive data is captured today and its encryption can be broken in four years, that still represents a big risk that affects many things, such as credit cards, which do not expire for many years, or even worse— proprietary source code. Companies need to adapt to resist what the future brings.

Some of the questions that we will discuss in the presentation include:

  • How are we going to face such problems from the DevSecOps perspective?
  • How long will it be ok for source code to travel across the Internet using protocols vulnerable to quantum attacks?
  • Will we need quantum computers in the continuous integration scheme of our organizations to provide the security we need?

Samuel Sabogal Pardo. Vice President, cyte.co

Samuel Sabogal Pardo. Vice President, cyte.co

Pardo has worked in the cybersecurity field for 15 years, including as a cryptography product developer, professional hacker, and professor of quantum computing and cryptography. Now, he is the partner of cyte.co, leading the implementation of cryptography solutions that are deployed at banks.

Date: Thursday, May 11 | 1:45pm (Hora Colombia)

Place: Virtual

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