Systems and Computing Engineer - ISIS

Duration: 8 semestres

Modality: On site

SNIES code: 1540

Dedication: Full time

Academic Opportunities

The students have different academic opportunities that allow them to complete their training and strengthen the development of skills. Some of these opportunities are described below:



dobles programas pregrado

This opportunity is aimed at students who have multiple interests, a good academic performance and want to maximize their stay at the University. It allows students following two undergraduate programs simultaneously (two different careers), within a reasonable additional period and paying only pay one Enrolment.

In the case of Systems and Computing Engineering you can find some of the most striking examples for students in recent years:


Electrical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering


Industrial Engineering


For more information contact the academic program coordinator with which you want to follow the double-program.



The exchange program is an academic opportunity for the students who want to enrich their university training and want to have the opportunity to spend one or two semesters at host universities abroad. To do this, Universidad de los Andes has many exchange agreements for students who can select between 140 prestigious foreign universities.

For more information about the process of exchanging. Please visit Decanatura de estudiantes*

Double Degree

doble titulacion

The Faculties of Management and Engineering have designed different agreements with prestigious universities worldwide with which students can obtain a double degree in both institutions. 

The engineering students can currently apply for admission to the double degree program with:

L'École de Mines de Saint Etienne, in France.

L'École de Mines de Nantes (EMN), in France.

L'École Nationale Supérieure des Télécomunications de Brest, in France.

For more information about the process of Double Diploma. Please visit Decanatura de estudiantes*

Academic Practice

practica academica

The Academic Practice is an alternative that Uniandes offers to complement the academic training as a first work experience in a private or public company, for a total duration of no less than an academic period. It is expected that at the end of this practice the students know themselves better and acquire new knowledges to develop skills for the workplace.

The Centro de Trayectoria Profesional is the agency responsible for helping you find the best option for your practice.

For more information about The Academic Practice. Please visit El Centro de Trayectoría Profesional CTP*

Social Practice.

pratica social

The Academic Practice is an alternative that Uniandes offers students to to develop their capacity and citizenship skills through learning based on service. While they are proposing solutions to the current problems and needs identified in each community.

This practice depends on the Decanatura de Estudiantes, it has a recognition and a qualificationin in academic credits. Also you can take this practice several times during the undergraduate program.

For more information about The Social Practice. Please visit Decanatura de estudiantes*

Students may take Graduate Courses

tomar cursos posgrado

The DISC undergraduate program students can take graduate courses courses during the last semesters, After graduating, if the student is admitted to a graduate program, the student may apply for approval of a group of courses. Thus, the student will achieve his Masters Degree over a shorter period of time.

For more information about The current offer of courses. Please visit Escuela de Posgrados*

Internal Transfers

transferencias internas

At Uniandes you can make a career change without starting it again. To do this, the students at Universidad de los Andes must meet the requirements defined in the General Rules of Undergraduate Students. Also, to be admitted to a new program and validate all the subjects studied and approved, it is necessary that these subjects be approved to the chosen program. 

For more information about The Internal Transfers. Please visit Reglamento General de Estudiantes*

Approval of subjects for International Baccalaureate students  

IB homologacion

The International Baccalaureate students can approval subjects, this process requires the submission of original certificates and diplomas; the approval depends on the grade obtained. The students can do this process at La Dirección de Admisiones y Registro (Calle 18ª No. 0 – 33 Este Bloque E), from enrollment to the end of the first semester, remember that this process is not instantaneous.

The approval is definitive and cannot be modified after being accepted by the student.

*Spanish version

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