Systems and Computing Engineer - ISIS

Duration: 8 semestres

Modality: On site

SNIES code: 1540

Dedication: Full time

Curriculum Design

The continuous evolution in fields related to information and communication technology (i.e., TICs, its acronym in Spanish) is a challenge for professionals who work in entities where information is an essential element, either at strategic or operational levels. The Universities, systems and computing engineering programs in general, as entities that train future professionals, these can not remain indifferent to this evolution. Curricular adjustments should be a constant concern of those programs, in such a way that allows students to stay aligned with a technological environment. The question that always arises is how to make this process and how to make decisions at different opinions and stakeholders. This document presents a curriculum design methodology that seeks to respond to these questions. As a case study, This document presents the DISC's experience of the Universidad de los Andes and the way how DISC has tackled these questions.

The full document is visible here (Spanish version)

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