Sustentación tesis doctoral: Modeling and Visualization of Data Quality Dimensions in Urban Planing Tools

Invitamos a nuestros estudiantes y profesores a la sustentación de tesis doctoral "Modeling and Visualization of Data Quality Dimensions in Urban Planing Tools" de nuestro estudiante John Alejandro Triana Trujillo, el próximo 30 de junio a las 3:00pm. 

Titulo: Modeling and Visualization of Data Quality Dimensions in Urban Planing Tools

The urban planning process is a complex process due to the involvement of several stakeholders and the requirement of a huge amount of heterogeneous data. Current applications cause communication problems and the data quality is not considered. The data quality problems are caused by the collection, transformation, and registration processes. On the other hand, most urban planning experts agree that data quality is an important aspect to consider while analyzing an urban system.

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The goal of this PhD thesis is the inclusion of data quality dimensions in the urban planning process generating insightful interactive visualizations that support the decision making process. This goal is achieved through the proposal of a methodology that generates interactive applications to support analysis tasks. As a result a method to model data quality and a method to generate interactive visualizations are created. Four case studies are presented as use cases of the proposals presented. Moreover, they are the evidence of the usefulness of the proposals. While all of them are from the application area of urban planning,the proposed methodology can be applied in other domains as well.

This research has three main contributions: (1) a methodology to extend data models to represent data quality features, including two new data quality dimensions that are defined in the context of urban systems, (2) a methodology to generate interactive applications in order to support urban planning with an extension of the visualization pipeline to represent data quality features, and (3) a set of cases studies with domain experts.

Director: José Tiberio Hernández

Autor: John Alejandro Triana Trujillo

 Presidente del jurado: Dr. Dirk Zeckzer


  • Dr. Prof. Hans Hagen
  • Dr. Dirk Zeckzer
  • Dr. Álvaro Rodríguez
  • Dr. Adriana Marota


Junio 30 del 2016


3:00 p.m.


Auditorio ML - C

Universidad de los Andes 

Additional Info

  • Fecha: Thursday, 30 June 2016
  • Hora: 3:00 pm
  • Lugar: Auditorio ML - C
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